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While the possession of a weapon, including a concealed weapon on one’s person, is permitted for many adults under Ohio law, there are a number of weapons charges on which a person may be convicted. If you are facing weapons charges in Dayton or surrounding areas, you should contact an experienced weapons charges lawyer Dayton.

Weapons Charges in Ohio

The following are some of the most common weapon charges in Ohio:

  • Carrying a concealed weapon. If you do not have a permit to carry a concealed weapon in Ohio, the law prohibits you from doing so. Those people who are typically not allowed to carry a gun include fugitives, felony criminals, drug or alcohol dependents, the mentally incompetent, minors, and non-residents.
  • Possession of a gun in a school safety zone. Even if you have a permit to carry a gun, it is illegal to posses a deadly weapon in a school safety zone.
  • Possession of a firearm in a bar. Just as it is illegal to possess a gun in a school safety zone, so is it against the law to have a weapon within a bar where beer or liquor is served. The law does not apply if the person is carrying a valid handgun license and is not drinking alcohol and is not under the influence.
  • Improperly handling firearms in a motor vehicle. Discharging a firearm from within a vehicle and transporting a loaded firearm in a way that is accessible to the driver or passenger from within the vehicle are both against the law in Ohio.
  • Possession of prohibited weapon. Finally, a person may be charged with the possession of a prohibited weapon if they possess any dangerous ordnances, including automatic or sawed-off firearm, zip-gun, or ballistic knife; any explosive or incendiary device; explosive substances; any firearm muffler or suppressor; or any military weapon and the ammunition for that weapon.

The above crimes are very serious. If a person is convicted with one of the above charges, they may face numerous legal penalties, including large fines and prison time.

Work with Our Dayton Weapons Charges Attorney

When you are facing weapons charges in Dayton, the first thing that you need to do is to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney. Without an attorney on your side, you may have a difficult time understanding the charges against you, your rights during the criminal procedure, or how to build a case to prove your innocence or how to negotiate a plea bargain with thee prosecution. At the Comunale Law Office, our aggressive Dayton criminal defense attorney knows how to do all of the above and more. What’s more, your initial consultation is always free, so there is no reason not to call right now. Reach the Comunale Law Office today at 927-227-3310.

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