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When a couple with children divorces, they cannot simply divide their property Mother playing with her son in a park after contacting a child custody lawyer daytonand move forward with their lives. They need to develop a parenting plan that will provide their children with the nourishment and security that they need while maintaining relationships with both parents.

Child custody arrangements are made with the child’s best interest in mind. Your Dayton child custody lawyer can discuss this with you in greater detail to help you prepare for the custody determination portion of your divorce.

How is Child Custody Determined in Ohio?

All relevant factors must be considered to determine the custody arrangement that is in a child’s best interest. These include:

  • The child’s relationship with each parent;
  • Each parent’s income and ability to financially provide for the child;
  • Whether moving in with one parent would significantly disrupt the child’s academic progress;
  • The child’s personal needs;
  • Any history of domestic violence in either household;
  • Both parents’ physical and mental health; and
  • If the child is old enough to articulate a rational, well-developed opinion about where to live, his or her opinion may be considered.

Components of Child Custody

One parent’s home is designated as the child’s primary residence. This does not necessarily mean that that parent “won” custody of the child or that he or she is the “primary parent.” All it means is that the child’s primary home is with that parent, which generally determines where the child will go to school. In most custody arrangements, the parent whose home is the child’s primary residence also has a larger share of custodial time with the child. The child often spends a designated period of time each week with the other parent in arrangements like this. For example, the child might spend two weekends each month and one weeknight each week with his or her other parent.

Custody goes beyond providing a home for one’s child. It includes the right to make important decisions on a child’s behalf, such as whether he or she will attend private or public school, whether the child will be raised in a specific religious tradition, and decisions about the child’s health care. These rights fall into the category of legal custody.

Parents can share both types of custody or the court can determine that one parent should have sole custody, in either or both categories, of the child.

Work with an Experienced Ohio Child Custody Lawyer

For many couples, determining a fair child custody arrangement is one of the most important aspects of their divorce settlement. If you are a parent who is currently working through the divorce process or considering filing for divorce, work with an experienced child custody lawyer to discuss all aspects to consider about parenting after your divorce is finalized and how you can advocate for yourself in court as you move through the divorce process. Contact Comunale Law Office today to schedule your initial legal consultation with us.

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