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When it comes to our children, as parents we want them to have every advantage. Providing for their basic needs, in addition to their educational, medical, and extracurricular expenses is challenging on two incomes, let alone one. Taking the steps necessary to ensure they receive financial support from both parents is just one way to help ensure their best chance for success, and our Dayton child support lawyers understand this.     

Whether you are unmarried or going through the process of a divorce, the Comunale Law Office is here to help. Our experienced Dayton, Ohio child support attorneys provide the professional legal representation you need to protect both you and your child’s rights and best interests. We can advise you on the best course of action for your particular case, whether you are seeking child support, need help enforcing an existing order, or need a support modification to reflect changes in your own or the other parent’s circumstances.    

Ohio Child Support Laws

Under the Ohio Revised Code (Section 3109.05), the court may allocate parental rights and responsibilities through legal proceedings, which includes determining the appropriate amount for child support payments. Under state law, non-custodial parents have the obligation to contribute to what the court deems reasonable and necessary expenses, which include the following:

  • The physical needs of the child, such as housing, food, and clothing costs, as well as costs related to medical care and insurance;
  • The educational needs of the child, such as school books, learning, and school related activities;
  • The emotional and developmental needs of the child, which include extracurricular activities, such as recreational sports, art, or music lessons and social activities.

The amount of support ordered depends on each party’s income, and varies based on any split parenting plans or joint custody arrangements that exist.  

Enforcing or Changing A Child Support Order

In cases where an existing child support order is in effect, these orders may be modified if there are significant changes in either party’s financial circumstances or in the custody arrangements. In situations where the other parent has been ordered to pay support but refuses, they can be held in contempt and subject to wage garnishment, as well as criminal penalties. The Ohio Office of Child Support advises in addition to income withholding, other means for ensuring a child support debt is paid include:  

  • Placing liens on bank accounts, pensions, or inheritances;
  • Garnishing unemployment or workers’ compensation benefits;
  • Tax offset, in which any state or federal tax refunds would go to pay the child support debt.

Get The Help You Need From Our Dayton, Ohio Child Support Attorneys

If you need help establishing a child support order, or are seeking to have an existing order changed or enforced, contact the Comunale Law Office right away. Our Dayton child support attorneys provide the aggressive legal representation you need to protect your rights, while ensuring your child gets the financial help they deserve.

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