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Common Signs of Divorce

 There are many different signs and signals that a couple may be heading towards a divorce; however, some types of behavior are common in divorcing couples regardless of their particular circumstances. These common signs include the following:

 Feeling Defensive

 Having a natural state of defensiveness in the home is one common first sign of divorce. Constantly fearing a verbal attack from a spouse and then responding defensively can create a miscommunication spiral that eventually leads to divorce.

 Feeling and Expressing Contempt

 Another common sign of divorce is feeling, and expressing, contempt towards one another. This is different from a fight between spouses, which happens with every couple. Contempt refers to a genuine dislike, disrespect, and devaluing of another person, and a lack of respect for a spouse can mean that a divorce is imminent.

 The Silent Treatment

 When one partner refuses to talk to the other it can also be a first sign of divorce. This could mean that the spouse is trying to work out the issues of the relationship on their own, or it could mean that they have taken the first steps towards divorce and are trying to keep it from the other spouse. This can also indicate that the spouse is unwilling to discuss or work on the issues that the couple has, which can quickly lead to divorce.

 Prioritizing Other Relationships

 Another common first sign of divorce occurs when one spouse starts to prioritize other relationships over their marriage. This could be online relationships that are created or rediscovered on social media, workplace relationships, or relationships with others outside of the home. Even if a spouse is not technically cheating, an emotional relationship with someone else is often a serious sign that a marriage is heading towards divorce.

 Lack of Physical Intimacy

 A lack of physical intimacy can happen for a number of reasons. As people age, they lose energy and the excitement of a relationship wears off. However, if one or both partners lose complete interest in any type of physical intimacy and the emotional intimacy is also low, it may be a sign of impending divorce.

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