If you are being charged with a crime, even a seemingly minor one, it can have devastating consequences. You could be facing jail time or probation as well as significant fines. It can also impact you down the line, as you may lose a professional license or not be eligible to apply for the job of your choice.

Hiring an experienced Ohio criminal defense attorney is imperative, even in minor cases that are classified as misdemeanors. Your attorney’s job is to ensure that you are treated fairly. He or she will prepare an aggressive defense in hopes of having the charges reduced or dropped entirely.

Here are several reasons why hiring a criminal defense attorney is important, even if you are facing charges for a misdemeanor.

This is Your First Offense

Having an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side is even more important if this is your first offense. Your attorney will be aware of any programs that will help get the charges dismissed. He or she will also prepare you for court, so you understand how the process works, how to behave, and how to dress properly.

You are Pleading Guilty

This might seem counterintuitive if you are pleading guilty, but your defense attorney may be able to get you a lighter sentence. That could mean the difference between some jail time and no jail time.

You Have a Record Already

Having a criminal defense attorney on your side is also important if you have been convicted of a crime before. If you are convicted of the new charges, your sentence will be more severe and there is even less chance of getting the charges removed from your record down the line. Retaining a criminal defense attorney who is not afraid to be aggressive in the courtroom can be important in negotiating a better deal or preparing a stronger defense for trial.

You are Not Pleading Guilty

If you have been wrongfully accused of a crime, trying to fight it on your own will take a significant amount of time. The chances of getting the charges dropped and dismissed are not as high if you go at it alone.

Your Attorney Will Reschedule Hearing Dates

Missing a scheduled court date can result in additional penalties. If you have a conflict and cannot make the hearing, your attorney will be the one to appear on your behalf and ask to have it rescheduled.

Retaining an Ohio Criminal Defense Attorney

These are just some of the reasons you should consider hiring an Ohio criminal defense attorney. If you have been arrested and charged with a misdemeanor, contact the Comunale Law Office at 937-227-3310 to schedule an initial consultation.