If the thought of ending your marriage through divorce has you intimidated by the prospect of heading to court, consider your alternative options. In many cases, it is possible to divorce through one of two forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). These are mediation, guided sessions with a neutral third party to reach agreements about your divorce settlement, and collaborative divorce, a series of meetings between you, your spouse, and your respective lawyers where you work together to determine the terms of your divorce settlement.

If you are capable of working amicably with your spouse, collaborative divorce could be the way to go. Consider the following benefits that come with this type of divorce:

Collaborative Divorce will Save you Money

Going to court is expensive. Not only will you have court fees to pay, you will have to spend more time with your lawyer than you otherwise would have had to spend, meaning a bigger divorce bill for you. Save money by cutting these fees and choosing collaborative divorce.

When you Divorce Outside the Courtroom, you Have More Control Over its Outcome

You will have to divide your marital assets during your divorce and it is quite likely that you will face other issues to determine as well, such as creating a custody arrangement and determining an appropriate spousal support order. Instead of ceding power to make these determinations to the court, you can make them for yourselves during your collaborative divorce meetings. Your lawyer can guide you toward decisions that promote your interests, but ultimately, the power is in your hands.

Collaborative Divorce Allows Couples Greater Flexibility

Here is a hypothetical situation: you have a strong emotional attachment to your family home and the means to earn a sufficient living after your divorce. You have the right to half of your marital savings just like your spouse has the right to half of the value of your home. In a collaborative divorce setting, you can negotiate with your spouse to each get what you want, which in this case would mean giving up a share of your portion of the savings in exchange for retaining the home.

Go to your meetings willing to communicate and negotiate. Voice your goals and concerns and let your former partner do the same. Then, find ways to make it so you both walk away with as many of your goals met as possible.

You will Probably be More Satisfied with your Collaborative Divorce’s Results

Because of the reasons listed above, couples who choose collaborative divorce are typically more satisfied with their divorce settlement than those who complete the process in the courtroom. This often makes it easier to co-parent in the years that follow their divorces.

Work with an Experienced Dayton Divorce Lawyer

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