Divorce can completely transform your family’s day-to-day routine. Many parents are concerned about preserving their bond with their child, particularly if the child also spends time with the other parent. Parenting plans are written documents established to ensure the child’s best interests are protected, and that includes his or her relationship with you. 

Building an effective parenting plan when you and your former spouse share custody is possible with an attorney. Contact the Comunale Law Office to review your case and discover which options suit your specific situation.

Important Questions to Consider When Establishing a Parenting Plan

Before creating a parenting plan, it’s important to have specific goals in mind. A plan is most effective when you have already established the type of lifestyle you and your child need. Knowing your child’s best interests ensures that they are protected after the divorce is finalized. If you are unsure, explore the following questions with our attorney: 

  • What is the child’s attachment to each parent?
  • What childcare arrangements will be needed?
  • Where and how will exchanges happen? 
  • Does the child or parents have special needs? 
  • Are there long distances that need to be considered to achieve regular contact? 
  • How mature is the child, and what is his or her age? 
  • If appropriate, what are the child’s wishes? 

Your child will benefit from a balanced parenting schedule that provides regular contact with both you and the other party without constant back-and-forth exchanges, which can become overwhelming. Ideally, you and your former spouse will also be amicable when exchanging the child and flexible in regard to special family events. Communication is essential to a successful experience, and if that’s not possible, it may help to hire a mediator when deciding these issues. 

Building a Parenting Time Schedule That Suits Your Family’s Needs

Parenting schedules should be predictable to maximize the child’s security. An unpredictable or random schedule can make the child feel confused, so it’s best to set regular intervals of time with each parent. For some parents, this means choosing a specific day of the week to switch custody at certain intervals. It’s important to understand that an equal split between parents is unlikely to achieve, and in many cases, not ideal. Instead, a parenting time schedule should be made with the child’s best interests in mind. Both parents should be involved in a variety of duties, such as taking the child to and from school, as well as having holidays together. 

When done correctly, a parenting time plan will preserve each parent’s relationship with the child. An attorney can help you ensure that your parenting plan preserves your rights to see your child and understand what factors will influence your custody arrangements.

Discuss Parenting Time With a Family Law Attorney

Parenting time can be a heated debate since you want to maintain a strong bond with your child. An attorney can help you build a parenting plan that both suits your schedule and allows you plenty of time with your child. Contact the Comunale Law Office for a consultation.