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Parents arguing and child in the room listening to them fight before they got a divorce with a Springfield divorce lawyerWhen a couple’s marriage is no longer a healthy, happy union, the couple might consider filing for divorce. Often, this is the healthiest option for both partners and if they have children, the children as well.

Divorce is the dismantling of a marriage. This means that through the divorce process, a couple works with the court to legally separate themselves from each other, each exiting the marriage with an equitable share of the couple’s assets and if applicable, a custody arrangement that allows him or her to maintain a consistent, substantial relationship with his or her children after the divorce.

Do I Need to Prove that my Spouse was At Fault to File for Divorce?

No. Although Ohio couples can cite reasons such as habitual drunkenness, incarceration, and adultery as reasons for filing for divorce, they are not required to do so.

To file for divorce in Ohio, an individual must have been a resident of the state for at least six months and a resident of the county with which he or she files the divorce for at least 90 days.

Elements of a Divorce Settlement

Every divorce requires the division of the couple’s assets. This includes their home and any real estate they own, their savings, checking, and investment accounts, their retirement plans, and their material possessions that were acquired during the marriage. Ohio divorce law follows the doctrine of equitable distribution, which means that rather than splitting a couple’s assets 50/50, the court divides them according to each couple’s individual needs and contributions to the asset pool.

If a couple has children, child custody and child support agreements may also be part of the divorce settlement. A child custody agreement is a court-ordered arrangement that outlines the time the children are to spend in the care of each parent and each parent’s responsibilities and rights. A child support order is a court order requiring one parent to make payments to the other to cover the expenses of raising their children, such as the need for housing, utilities, food, school supplies, and enrichment.

In some cases, one spouse may be awarded a spousal support order. This is an order for one spouse to make monetary payments to the other, either permanently or over a specified period of time, to prevent him or her from suffering financially as a result of the divorce. Generally, spousal support is awarded to individuals who chose to work part time or not work during the marriage in order to care for the couple’s home and children.

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