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Montgomery County Drug Charge Defense Lawyer

Drug charges can be filed in both state courts and federal courts. The Ohio Criminal Sentencing Commission has put together a useful reference guide on what substances are banned, and the potential criminal penalties for those found to be possessing, distributing, or manufacturing specific controlled substances. As the sentencing guide demonstrates, drug crimes and drug laws are highly complex.

A conviction for a drug offense, even if you believe that it is a relatively minor one, could come with very severe consequences. At the Comunale Law Office, our committed Montgomery County drug charge defense attorney has extensive experience handling a wide range of drug-related cases. We always focus on getting our clients the best results. If you were arrested on a drug crime, our law firm is prepared to help you defend yourself and protect your rights.

Drug Crimes Cases We Handle in Ohio

Drug Possession

It is against both federal and state law to voluntarily possess an illegal substance. Drug possession charges must always be taken seriously by the defendant. Even if you were only found with a small amount of a banned substance, you could be facing jail time. You need to get our Montgomery County defense lawyer by your side as soon as possible after an arrest. Our top-rated defense lawyer will help you find the best resolution to your case.

Drug Trafficking

Drug trafficking charges come in many different forms. State and federal prosecutors are known to take drug distribution especially seriously. Often, these cases can be complex as there could be multiple defendants facing related charges in a drug trafficking case. Regardless of the specific circumstances of your case, you need a skilled Montgomery County drug crime defense lawyer by your side.

Manufacturing of a Controlled Substance

Beyond possession and distribution, it is also unlawful to manufacture a controlled substance without the appropriate legal approval. If law enforcement officers allege that you have willingly participated in any aspect of the drug manufacturing process, you could potentially be charged with a serious criminal offense. If you or your family member has been arrested on manufacturing charges in Montgomery County, you should contact an experienced Dayton criminal defense lawyer immediately.

Were You Arrested for a Drug Offense in Montgomery County?

We can help. At Comunale Law Office, our criminal defense team always takes a hands-on approach. If you were arrested for a drug offense in Ohio, you need to consult with a lawyer immediately. Please do not hesitate to call us today for a confidential consultation. With an office in Dayton, we represent defendants throughout Montgomery County, including in Brookville, Centerville, Clayton, Englewood, Germantown, and Huber Heights.

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