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Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer in Dayton

Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer in Dayton

Criminal charges are always scary, and federal criminal charges are especially frightening. Unlike budget-conscious county authorities, federal law enforcement officers and prosecuting attorneys have nearly unlimited resources. They are more than willing to bring all these resources to bear against you and your family.

Because of this environment, at the Comunale Law Office, the first priority for our Dayton federal criminal defense lawyers is to put you and your family at ease, at least to the greatest extent possible. So, we thoroughly review the facts of your case, looking for every possible defense. Then, once we embark on a course of action, we proactively communicate with you about important developments in your case. So, you are never in the dark.

Pretrial Matters

In some cases, the FBI, DEA, or another federal agency immediately arrest suspects, mostly because they have already obtained search or arrest warrants. Lengthy investigations usually precede such arrests. Generally, such warrants have rather shaky foundations based on things like:

  • Informer’s Tips: Some people will say almost anything for money or leniency. Therefore, unless the informer has a good track record or authorities corroborate at least some of the informer’s story, such tips are usually unreliable.
  • Wiretaps: Overaggressive agents often obtain wiretaps based on a hunch instead of the probable cause required under federal law. This area, and this requirement, also includes techniques like cell phone pinging and Internet eavesdropping.

Dayton federal criminal defense lawyers can use weaknesses like these to reduce bail. Generally, bail is very high in criminal cases, and pretrial incarceration rates are rather high. That situation benefits the prosecutor. So, pretrial release helps even the playing field.

Other federal prosecutions begin with grand jury investigations. If you receive a subpoena, testifying before a grand jury is usually a bad idea. A Dayton federal criminal defense lawyer cannot be in the same room as you. Therefore, you are at the mercy of the federal prosecutor.

The discovery phase usually follows the arrest or indictment. Federal prosecutors are legally required to turn over exculpatory evidence before trial. This requirement helps attorneys develop an effective defense. Frequently, these defenses lead to a successful resolution, as outlined below.

Resolving a Federal Criminal Case in Dayton

Out-of-court settlements resolve most federal criminal cases. Depending on the facts and circumstances, these plea bargains usually involve reduced charges and/or a lesser sentence.

Lack of evidence is one of the most effective defenses in criminal cases. The state must prove every element of the offense beyond a reasonable doubt. Frequently, while there is enough to establish moral guilt, there is insufficient evidence to establish legal guilt.

Alternatively, an affirmative defense might be available. Murder is a good example. Some affirmative defenses include voluntary intoxication and self-defense.

If the state’s case is especially weak or the defense is especially strong, a pretrial resolution, such as a dismissal or conditional dismissal, might be an option.

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You do not have to face federal criminal charges alone. For a free consultation with an experienced federal criminal defense lawyer in Dayton, contact the Comunale Law Office. Convenient payment plans are available.

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