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Domestic Violence Attorney Near Me

Domestic Violence Attorney Near Me

According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, more than 10 million people in the United States are victims of domestic violence, and Ohio takes claims of domestic violence very seriously. Unfortunately, some people are insensitive to the trauma that real victims go through and make false accusations of domestic abuse for their own personal benefit. At Comunale Law in Dayton, our experienced criminal defense attorneys will zealously defend you against false claims of domestic abuse and help clear your name against these accusations. To learn more, call or contact our office today.

What is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is an umbrella term that includes a number of acts committed against a household member, including attempting to cause or recklessly causing bodily injury, threats of force, placing people in imminent fear of bodily harm, child abuse, sexually-oriented offenses, and more. Household members include current and former spouses, parent or foster parent of a child in common, a family member of a current or former spouse, and family members related by blood or marriage.

Why False Claims are Made

A person may make a false claim of domestic abuse for many reasons. One common reason is for revenge, when that person is rejected by or has a falling out with the accused. Oftentimes, a claim of domestic abuse is made after a break-up. Another reason for false domestic violence claims is to gain leverage over the accused in a divorce or child custody hearing. One spouse or parent will make a claim of domestic violence in order to try and sway the court into awarding the accuser a greater share of the marital property, alimony, and primary custody of any children. This is especially true in any matter involving children, as the court must make all decisions in the best interest of the child, and domestic violence is one of the greatest harms that can befall a child.

Damage Inflicted by False Claims

A false claim of domestic violence can ruin the accused both personally and professionally. Personally, an accusation of domestic violence can impact a child custody decision, which affects how much time a parent gets to spend with their child. It can also destroy a personal reputation and end relationships with family and friends. Professionally, domestic violence accusations can destroy a reputation, inflict harm on the accused’s employment, and make it difficult to find work. There is also the added stress of a potential criminal investigation, criminal charges, and a trial to prove that the domestic violence did not occur.

Given how much is at stake when false claims of domestic violence occur, it is critical that a person accused seek the help of a highly qualified criminal defense attorney to handle the case. The sooner that the false accusation is addressed, the better the chances of minimizing the damage that it can cause.

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