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Divorce Lawyer By Me

Divorce Lawyer By Me

Going through divorce is hard. If you are going through the divorce alone without a legal professional on your side to advocate for your best interests, though, divorce can be messy. To help you make tough decisions, negotiate for a fair deal, and represent yourself and your interests, contact our experienced attorneys at the Comunale Law Office today.

How Are Decisions in a Divorce Made?

You and your spouse have a lot on your plate when getting divorced. In addition to saying goodbye to one another and building your own, individual lives as such, you will also need to deal with the (potential) issues of:

These are big decisions to make, and you may have questions about how such issues are decided.

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While there are not a lot of great things about divorce, one benefit is that you and your spouse have the power to make decisions about how you want your divorce to be settled. That’s right: if you and your spouse are able to work together, you can decide exactly how you want to share parenting time and decision making power of a child, who you want to get the house, how you want to divide debts, and whether or not one of you will pay the other spousal support.

If you and your spouse don’t agree to the above right off the bat, you can attend mediations to come to an agreement.

What If Mediation Is Unsuccessful?

In the event that mediations between you and your spouse are unsuccessful, the divorce process gets more complicated, and you may need to go to court to find a resolution. This is where, if you have not already done so, you should think very seriously about hiring an attorney. An attorney is helpful from the get-go, as an attorney can represent you during negotiations and review a settlement before it is finalized to ensure things are legally sound. If your case goes to court, your attorney will need to present evidence to the court explaining why the court should act in your favor. A divorce trial can be complex, emotional, lengthy, and expensive – you don’t want to face it alone.

Contact Our Ohio Divorce Lawyers Today

At the Comunale Law Office, we know that thinking about divorce isn’t a pleasant thing. We also know that while divorce may be hard, our lawyers are committed to making the divorce process as simply and straightforward as possible. We help you to understand the laws surrounding your case, and advocate for your best interests throughout the entire process.

If you are ready to learn more, please contact us for a completely confidential consultation today. You can email us at contact@comunalelaw.com, call us at 937-227-3310, or use our online form to write us a message.

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