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Divorce Attorneys Dayton

Divorce Attorneys Dayton

A divorce can be devastating, both in terms of the toll it takes on you emotionally as well as financially. To ensure you are protected throughout the process, get our experienced divorce attorneys in Dayton on your side. At the Communale Law Office, we provide the caring support and comprehensive legal representation you need. Reach out and request a consultation with a member of our legal team today. 

Our Divorce Attorneys in Dayton Protect Your Rights in Montgomery County Divorce Proceedings

Dealing with the breakup of a marriage is never easy. In addition to the emotional fallout, there are numerous important practical issues that must be addressed. Divorce settlements and court orders issued in your case have the potential to impact your life for years into the future. To get the trusted legal guidance you need, reach out to The Communale Law Office. 

As experienced divorce attorneys in Dayton, we assist you with all the details concerning your breakup and the beginning of your new life in the aftermath. Our comprehensive knowledge of divorce-related laws under the Ohio Revised Code and how they apply in different situations makes us a strong legal advocate to have on your side. Important legal matters we can help with include the following: 

  • Division of marital property and assets: In Dayton divorce proceedings, home, cars, money in bank accounts, and other marital property must be divided on an equitable basis. 
  • Spousal support: If one spouse makes significantly less than the other, they may be entitled to spousal support payments, otherwise known as alimony in Dayton. 
  • Child custody and support: One of the most sensitive and potentially contentious issues in Dayton divorce proceedings, we protect your rights as a parent and help ensure they get the financial support they deserve. 

Get Our Legal Team on Your Side

Once a final divorce order is issued through the Montgomery County Family Court, you are required to comply with the terms. To get the best possible outcome in your case, reach out to our divorce attorneys in Dayton. At Comunale Law Office, we take legal actions, which include the following:

  • Thoroughly reviewing the circumstances surrounding your situation;
  • Advising you on how state laws apply;
  • Creating and filing the appropriate legal documents on your behalf;
  • Attending hearings, negotiating with others involved, and arguing your case in court/ 

To Request a Consultation With Our Divorce Attorneys in Dayton, Contact Comunale Law Office Today

When going through a divorce in Dayton, it is important to leave nothing to chance. Decisions made during these proceedings have the potential to impact you financially, now and in the years to come. To get the caring support and comprehensive legal service you need, reach out to the Comunale Law Office. To request a consultation with our divorce attorneys in Dayton, call or contact us online today.

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