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Dayton OVI Attorneys

Dayton OVI Attorneys

If you have been arrested and charged with an OVI in Ohio, it can significantly impact your life. An OVI stands for operating a vehicle under the influence, and a conviction can have life-long consequences. Do not take an OVI charge lightly. You need an experienced lawyer who can fight to protect your rights. Otherwise, you could face future difficulties with getting a job, renting an apartment, driving your vehicle, or even applying for specific educational opportunities. Contact the Dayton OVI attorneys at Comunale Law Office to learn how we can help.

What Does Ohio Law Consider to be an OVI?

OVI offenses are listed in the Ohio Code Section 4511.19. You could be convicted for an OVI if you were operating a vehicle and:

  • Were under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or a combination of both; or
  • Had a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level of 0.08% or higher

The BAC level of 0.08% applies to arrests of people who are 21 and over. If you were under 21 at the time of arrest, the level drops to 0.02%. Commercial truck drivers’ BAC level is also reduced to 0.04%.

If you have never heard of an OVI, it is essentially the same as other more familiar acronyms like DUI or DWI. The original statute in Ohio was an OMVI, which stood for operating a motor vehicle impaired. The change to just OVI reflects that you could be charged now if you are operating a non-motorized vehicle, such as a bicycle.

Potential Penalties for Driving Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol in Dayton

If you are convicted of an OVI offense in Ohio, you could be facing severe penalties. These penalties become more severe if it is your second or third offense. If you caused any bodily injury or property damage, your penalties could increase further.

Your first OVI offense could result in up to six months of incarceration, a $1,000 maximum fine, and the DMV could suspend your driver’s license for up to three years.

Can You Defense an OVI Charge in Dayton, Ohio?

One of the reasons you want to retain an experienced attorney is because there are potential defenses that you can argue. The available defenses will vary depending on the circumstances of your arrest. For example, your Dayton OVI attorneys could argue that the evidence against you was unlawfully obtained, or that your breath alcohol test or blood test was defective. If you were arrested for taking medication, your attorney might be able to argue that you took the prescription without realizing it caused impairment.

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If you need assistance after an OVI arrest in Ohio, you need to retain an attorney right away. Contact the Dayton OVI attorneys at Comunale Law Office today to learn how we can help. Please call our office or send a message using our online contact form to schedule a free consultation.

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