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Child Custody Attorney Fairborn OH

Child Custody Attorney Fairborn OH

When it comes to matters impacting you and your children, you want someone with knowledge, skill, and experience fighting on your side. At Comunale Law Offices, you can count on our child custody attorney in Fairborn, OH, to get results. 

For over 20 years, parents in our community have counted on us to protect their rights and their child’s best interests. We provide the trusted legal guidance you need throughout each phase of Ohio child custody proceedings. To find out how we can help in your case, call or contact our office online and request an initial consultation today. 

Get Professional Legal Representation From Our Child Custody Attorney in Fairborn, OH

Child custody is one of the most sensitive and often contested matters dealt with in the Ohio family courts. Whether arising during a divorce or in cases involving unmarried parents, you can count on Communale Law Offices and our child custody attorney in Fairborn, OH to provide the professional legal representation you need. 

Under the Ohio Revised Code, child custody is generally referred to as the allocation of parental rights and responsibilities. Rather than simply awarding one parent custody and the other visitation, more detailed arrangements are made pertaining to the following: 

  • The percent of the time the child spends in each parent’s home during the week;
  • Rights regarding overnight stays on weekends, holidays, and other special occasions;
  • Extended visits, such as during vacations and school breaks;
  • Each parent’s rights and obligations regarding taking the child to and from school and involvement in extracurricular activities;
  • Legal authority in making important decisions on the child’s behalf, such as regarding their medical care, education, and religious upbringing.  

We Protect Parents and Their Children in Ohio Child Custody Proceedings

Matters pertaining to child custody in Fairborn are dealt with through the Greene County Family Court. Parenting plans are generally used in allocating parental rights and responsibilities. 

These can be negotiated through our child custody attorney in Fairborn, OH and the other parent’s legal representative based on the circumstances in your specific case. Mediation and court hearings may also be required. Factors that influence whether a judge approves your child custody arrangements include: 

  • Each parent’s current and prior relationship with the child;
  • Their proven ability to nurture the child and meet their needs;
  • Practical considerations, such as the distance between each parent’s home;
  • Their ability to cooperate with one another in implementing a parenting plan;
  • Any problems, such as accusations of domestic abuse or drug and alcohol addiction, that could put the child at risk. 

Request a Consultation With Our Child Custody Attorney in Fairborn, OH Today

To find out more about child custody in Ohio and creating a parenting plan, reach out to Comunale Law Offices. We provide trusted guidance and professional legal representation to ensure you and your child are protected. Call or contact our child custody attorney in Fairborn, OH online to request a consultation today.

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