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Centerville Criminal Defense Lawyers

Centerville Criminal Defense Lawyer

Most criminal cases have severe direct and collateral consequences. Assault, which is one of the most commonly charged crimes in Montgomery County, is a good example. Both misdemeanor and felony assault could mean significant jail time. Additionally, a conviction often affects family law and immigration proceedings. 

At the Comunale Law Office, our Centerville criminal defense lawyers eliminate or at least reduce, the direct and collateral consequences of a criminal case. Once again, assault is a good example. Like other criminal matters, these cases have procedural and substantive defenses. Key evidence might be inadmissible due to police officer errors. Some of these procedural mistakes are quite obscure. In court, prosecutors must establish guilt beyond any reasonable doubt. In other words, there must be an overwhelming amount of evidence against the defendant.

Criminal Matters We Handle

Montgomery County has some of the most aggressive law enforcement officers and prosecutors in Ohio. If officers suspect any criminal activity at a rowdy party or in an iffy vehicle, they usually make as many arrests as possible. Once these cases go to court, prosecutors do whatever it takes to obtain convictions. That is the only way they can move up the corporate ladder.

At the Comunale Law Office, our dedicated Centerville criminal defense lawyers even the odds for you. Some of the criminal cases we handle include:

In fact, our experienced attorneys deal with almost all misdemeanor and felony matters in Montgomery County and nearby jurisdictions.

Our Approach

At the Comunale Law Office, we begin every case with a conversation. We carefully go over all the details of the events leading up to the arrest, so we can identify all potential procedural and substantive defenses. During this conversation, we also account for your needs and goals in a particular situation. 

Then, once we collectively decide on a course of action, we aggressively stand up for your legal rights. If there are serious issues with the evidence in the case, a Montgomery County judge might throw the charges out of court. 

At this point, many criminal cases settle out of court. These agreed resolutions typically involve a reduced sentence and/or lesser charges. In many cases, pretrial diversion or a similar disposition is available. Program requirements vary, but generally, once defendants complete a brief period of supervision, the court dismisses the charges.

That being said, we always prepare as if the case will go to trial. Our Centerville criminal defense lawyers are always willing to go the distance for you. This assertive stance helps us negotiate better plea agreements and obtain better results at trial.

Our efforts do not stop once the judge’s gavel falls. We also deal with post-conviction matters, such as probation violations, record expungement, criminal appeals, and motions for early discharge from probation.

Partner with an Assertive Lawyer

Assertive representation is usually the key to a successful outcome. For a free consultation with an experienced Centerville criminal defense attorney, contact the Comunale Law Office. Convenient payment plans are available.

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